Tips to keep your basement dry

  • Grade around the foundation

  • Surface water from rain or snow melting should not collect against the house. If it does, it may work its way down the foundation looking for a path in. Always make sure the dirt is graded in a slope, even a gentle slope, away from the house if possible. If your house does not have gutters and downspouts you can ensure the water drains away from the house by using 6-mil black plastic and landscaping rock. Slope the ground about 6" in 10ft and cover the ground with an 8ft width of plastic. Wrap it up on the foundation 2 inches and then cover the plastic with a 2 inch layer of rock. This will ensure the water drains away from the house before soaking in.

  • Roof runoff

  • The best option to handle roof water runoff is to have gutters collect the water, and downspouts that drain away from the house. Make sure the downspouts direct the water on to splash blocks that direct the water away from the foundation.